A Penguin Boxer Who Lacks Outstanding Strength But Makes Up For That In Quick Movements


A Fragile Speedster Penguin Boxer Who Uses His Haste To His Advantage. He Has Trouble With Scoring KOs Due To Dodgy Defensive Strategy. Not To Mention He REALLY Doesn't Like Being Punched In The Face...

Record 13-5 (3 KO)



Jab: Very Fast, Light Attack

Armthrow: Throws A Sandman-Like Punch

Concussion: Pounds His Two "Fists" Together. Relatively Slow, But The Most Powerful Normal Attack.

Pizza Snack: Eats A Pizza To Restore Stamina

Upperwerk: Three Uppercuts, The Second One Being With The Opposite Arm. Also Triggered If Pizza Snack Is Interrupted.

Spin Frenzy: Will Go Full Offensive And Preform A Bob Charlie Like Spin Attack. Slow, But It Stings.

TurboPunch: Will Use Up All Breath To Release A Flurry Of Basic Attacks At Very High Speeds

Added/Improved In Title DefenceEdit

Spin Frenzy: Faster, And Three Times As Persistent

TurboPunch: Less Predictable, And Comes In Multiple Sets

Ice Attack: Basically A Slightly Faster Version Of The Rope Attack

Head Knock: Knock On His Head A Few Times, Triggered After Heart Drain Or Multiple Failed Hits

Star OppotunitiesEdit

Counter A Jab

Punch When He's About To Finish His Taunt

Doc Louis TipsEdit

"He's Defending His Face A Lot, Isn't He? Find A Way To Make Him Lose His Stance"

"Watch Out, Mac, His Jabs Are As Fast As A Shooting Star"

"Keep An Ear Out For That Ringing Sound, That's When He's Going To Preform That Flurry Of Punches"

"Fire Beats Ice Mac! Find A Opportunity To Send Him A Blazing Star Punch!"

"What's Your Favourite Ice Cream Mac? Mine's Chocolate."


"I'm Ready For This." (At The Start Of Condender Match)

"What I Lack In Strength I Make Up For In Agility." (Condender Intermission)

"If I'm Going To Win, I Hope It's A KO; I Barely Remember The Joys Of Scoring Them." (Contender Intermission)

"Onto The Next Round, Let's Go, Mac, Let's Go!" (After Contender Intermission)

"Onto The Next Round, Mac, Let's Go, Mac!" (After Condender Intermission)

"Thinkfast!" (Preforming Concussion Attack)

"Netzwerk!" (Preforming Upperwerk Attack)

"With The Best Toppings." (Before Eating Pizza, "With The Best Top-" If Interrupted)

"Argh, My Pizza!" (After Pizza Is Punched From His Hand)

"Cuckoo! Cuckoo!" (Preforming Taunt)

"Aye?" (Attack Misses)

"Wha?" (Attack Misses)

"Huh?" (Attack Misses)

"Ye Fool!" (Attack Misses)

"OH NO!" (About To Be Star Punched)

"NRGH!" (After Punched In The Face Too Much)

"Come On, Come On!" (Wins By Decision, Contender)

"Hahah! Victory!" (Wins By KO, Contender)

"Hello, Mac, This Time, I Have Come Prepared." (At The Start Of Title Defence)

"I See You're Here For The Champion Belt. You Might Need A Bit Of Training For That." (Title Rematch)

"I Won't Ever Forget If You Injure My Face. I Just Won't!" (TD Intermission)

"My Head! It's In Perfect Condition! But My Stomach...It Is Nothing..." (TD Intermission)

"My Might Shall Be An Avalanche Storming Down On You! Fast And Deadly!" (After TD Intermission)

"Victory For Arctic Fury, New Champion!" (Winning Title Defence, Decision)

"KO! I Got A KO! Knock-Out Victory!" (After Winning Title Defence, KO)



KO Arctic Fury Without Ever Punching Him In The Face

KO Arctic Fury With A 3-Star Punch

Win By Decision After Letting Him KD You 3 Times

Title DefenceEdit

KO Arctic Fury Round 1

Gain 15 Stars Total In Any Match

Survive His TurboPunch Flurry

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